The Memory of Light

May 7, 2013

I have just had the immense pleasure to read and reread Sarah Elwell’s latest poetry offering, The Memory of Light, and I am wordless because anyway I decribe it cannot capture its profound layering of souls.  That feeling you get when you finish a novel and blink and breathe and realise the world had stopped for a moment, or rather you had stopped while the world went by you and will never see things again in the same light.  That feeling is there in each and every poem.

The Memory of Light

I don’t know how she does it, but I’m so glad she has shared her extraordinary talent with the world, and I can easliy see her in my mind’s eye

” silent, word-locked, on the windswept hill just beyond this world. ”  –  exerpted from one of her poems



A new festival impulse

March 19, 2013

As Easter approaches, many of my southern hemisphere friends have been discussing how many of the Northern Hemisphere festivals sit or don’t sit well in our “reverse” seasons. For me, Easter and Christmas are so globally (and often commercially) celebrated I feel we cannot change their timing to suit our seasons, but instead need to look at the impulses and meanings of the celebrations from our new seasonal perspective. I have written about some of our festivals such as southern Autumnal EasterWhitsun, Martinmas, and other festivals
Other less well observed festivals such as Michaelmas and May day celebrations however could be moved to retain their essential seasonal impulses. Michaelmas could be well observed at or around St Georges day in Autumn, as there is much overlap in the stories, or ideas and themes behind them. St George musings here.

Needle felted St Francis

I wonder if conversely instead of May day we could instead incorporate the ideas of new beginnings and new growth and new life in the celebration of St Francis’s feast day at the beginning of October. It seems fitting in light of the newly elected pope (I am not a Catholic, but he does seem to hold the promise of fresh beginnings and the joy of life and love in the choice of his Namesake 🙂
To me St Francis was born again in his faith, and started his life again afresh. He of course is also recognised as having an affinity to the natural world, which too fits so well with all the new life and creatures born in the spring. I’d love to hear what you think about the rhythm and observance of festivals “down under”.

Dragons and seahorses

March 2, 2012

I just love seahorses (and sea dragons for that matter), and that is just what we have been making at sunshine weavers today.  Come and take a look.

Seahorses made with hand dyed wool felt

February 25, 2012

I have started a new blog just for our craft group at sunshine weavers. Come and see…

…weave a little sunshine in your life….

Sunshine Weavers

A very small group of four this week, and yet we managed to make 25 new bean bags for the kindergarten, and a dozen shooting stars for the fair.  Thankyou wonderful ladies with nimble fingers!!

A little secret – our bean bags are filled with rice and a handful of dried mint leaves, not beans, to minimise the risk of being eaten by nibbling mice.  Of course packing them away securely in a tin or lidded container when not in use is the best prevention.

Beanbags are great for body orientation, with rhymes to guide them over, under, round and through, crossing mid-lines, encouraging nimble fingers and quick reflexes, and they are so much fun!!

Throwing a beanbag to a partner is great fun too.  Shooting star or metor bean bags with a ribbon tail are great to encourage throwing in a curving rainbow.  Can you catch the front? can you catch…

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Winter a world away

June 9, 2011

Winter in the northern hemisphere has king winter, heavy frost, or even snow, pine needles and of course all those festivals…advent, christmas, New year..

Winter back home in Australia is cold but colourful, The deciduous autumn trees are bare, but the gums are still green, and some are in blossom, the odd bottlebrush stands out in its red bristlly glory, and slowly the brilliant bursts of yellow wattle are starting to spread through the bush…

I have returned from the other half of the world, and back to my blog, just in time to take part in a lovely swap for the south. Katie Cadamn seems to be hosting a southern hemisphere seasonal exchange… it would be lovely to get on board for some summertime crafting … Here is what she has posted…

SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE SEASONAL EXCHANGE  – Ready for a ‘Summertime’ crafting challenge!
Southern Hemisphere Seasonal Exchange is inspired by the small nature table I have tried to start for my young children to mark the changing of the seasons. However, I have found most material and craft project sourced for inspiration is often based on seasons in the northern hemisphere which is not always relevant to us, as seasonal changes where I live in the Southern Hemisphere can be subtle and quite different from what is happening in the northern hemisphere.
Like my children, I am also learning about the unique seasonal differences in Australia, I am new to crafting and new to keeping a nature table. I would love some inspiration and I am sure other people would as well.
Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have Seasonal Craft exchange reflective of the seasons of the Southern Hemisphere.  I am sure there are many of you like me, who are ready for a crafting challenge, a chance to create your own symbolic item reflective of the current season and a chance to inspire a stranger through your chosen craft.
So here goes, to get the ball rolling and to keep it simple I thought we would start with a ‘Summertime‘ themed craft swap.  As it is a busy time of year, to participate you need to include a minimum of one handmade item that you can swap with your allocated partner.
The crafted item should be related to the current seasonal theme, in this case ‘‘Summertime.
The swap is open to all those in Australia and overseas. [You don’t have to live in the Southern Hemisphere to participate!]
As a participant, you must be willing to mail overseas and honour your swap commitment.
The details: Participants will be allocated one (only) swap partner. You will send directly to your partner and they will send directly to you. Swap partners will be randomly allocated.
No prior crafting/ art skills required.
Participation should be done in the spirit of openness, appreciation and sharing. The only requirement is the item you send should be handmade by you with love and care. Make something special that you would love to receive yourself.
No returns!
The exchange is open to all ages!
All packages must be mailed by the 1st December, the first day of summer and should be suitable to send in the mail.
So…. if you would like a small handmade summer inspired keepsake to add to display over summer sign up now!
At least one, no more than five items.
One of these items must be handmade. It can be an object, an artwork, an ornament, small handmade book, something to display. The key requirement is it is something made by you.
If you would like to include additional items things that could be included might be items from nature (unless you are shipping internationally), a card, additional artworks, a candle, purchased items made from natural materials (no plastic/polyester/foam/etc) etc.
All of the items must be theme and seasonally appropriate.
Optional: You may want to include in your package a little blurb about your items and/or yourself.
In addition, it would be wonderful if you were able to document the process of making and the final product. These images can be posted on the Flickr group Southern Hemisphere Seasonal Exchange
Sign ups will take place here until 18th of November.
The first 100 people to sign up are in!
Please email at
In your email please send your
Real Name, Mailing address (in English), Email address, [Optional: Facebook and/or Blog URL and Blog name.]
**Please make sure you email me this info to be entered into the swap.**
PRIVACY: Your privacy will be respected and your details will not be passed on unless you give permission.
Partners will be allocated after sign-ups have closed.
I will confirm when you have been added to the list. Please be patient, this may take a couple of days.
Sign ups are open now!
As I mentioned previously I am a mother of two very young children, new to crafting and have never undertaken co-coordinating something like this before, so your patience and understanding is really appreciated in this first attempt. I am excited to see if anyone else is interested in participating and will give it my best shot to get it up and running.
If it is a success we might try it again when autumn comes around.
Thanks for Seasons Round Exchange and New Zealand Handmade Christmas Ornament Swap for inspiring the idea of the craft swap.
Want some inspiration check out some of the swaps on flickr. Here are some to start with
Seasons Round Exchange
The SavVy { Seasons } – a modern Swap
Soft trees swap
Rhythm of the Home
Also another wonderful webpage is Seasons South and North

A long break between posts

February 8, 2010

This blog will be quiet for a while, as we are in the northern hemisphere enjoying a break, visiting family and working. The seasons are all out of kilter in my body clock, as I have been in Australian ones for so long. It was nice to enjoy a dark candlemas however, and we are in the middle of a very snowy February in Norway.
I will catch up again, but it may be some time…..