A new tutorial

February 27, 2013

Over at Sunshine Weavers there is a new tutorial on an old favourite.


Walnut baby necklaces.

Do pop over and take a look.  I find I am posting a lot more of my crafts over there than here at the moment, and pinning them here too, So please forgive the long silences between posts here. I’ll try to remember to update things here once in a while.  Maybe once in a blue Moon 😉



Standing the test of time

August 10, 2012

Trying to clear out and pare down toys after a 7 year old sons birthday hoarde, it was interesting the toys that have stood the test of time and were still too treasured and played with to be packed away…

Spring cleaning fairies…

out                                                              in

cuddly dolls                                            digit dolls, sleepy dolly(a knot doll he’s had since birth) and a doll to dress

blocks with holes and screws              plain blocks and natural wood blocks

wooden and felt play food                   kitchen utensils,  teaset and rock collection

felt playscenes                                      playsilks and cotton cloths

wooden cars, trucks and planes        paper planes and silk parachute man

wooden thomas trains                         wooden “real” trains and track (not thomas -too babyish)

dress ups, hats, belts, scarves, playsilks, playcloths

knitted and felt animals

Lego has invaded in a big way, but I was curious to see he still wanted his plain wood blocks, but not the screw together kind.  He was more than happy to get rid of any TV licenced items that have wormed their way into our toys as they have been suddenly deemed “babyish” by the seven year old, so anything Thomas, Bob the builder and even Charlie and Lola had to go.

Yet again more photos of craft items we have made for the school fair.   This format of  WordPress does not seem to like posts with more than 4 photos, it seems to overlay, hide or lose them. Sorry about the three installments.  I think a change of topic will be in order for next time.  If you are looking for more crafty inspiration don’t forget to check out the previous two posts.  🙂

knitted puppies




Matchbox people




felt bunnies and mini pom pom flowers

felt caterpillar and finger puppet butterfly in a drawstring pouch

knitted kitten


pipe cleaner digit dolls


wooden bead bracelets

A few more crafts made and waiting for the fair.  Don’t forget to check the previous post too if you are looking for some crafty inspiration.  Hopefully I’ll post some more tomorrow.  Uploading photos is proving painfully slow just now. 

Spring Fair Craft Projects

September 6, 2011

Time to share some past crafts that I have made for our Spring School Fair. A reminder for myself really, as I like to look back and remember the treasures that have been lovingly made and sent forth to bring joy to others.


felted cherries


Fleece gnomes and their knitted homes



mini shape candles and felt pouches

Ladybird pegs and pine cone people


Cuddly Dolls

I will post some more once I have uploaded some more photos

Story Dolls

October 27, 2009

In many of our stories a few simple props or even just hand gestures can captivate and capture the imagination as the tale is spun, and often helps to hold the youngest members interest in storytime  in our mixed ages playgroup.  I have seen some beautiful table plays or stories told in other steiner settings with marionette puppets, but for our simple stories (and a single storyteller) I have found props which can stand themselves are easier to use with less fuss and free up a spare hand or two as you go along. 


One of my favourite alternatives for people characters are wood and wire type dolls which I sew clothes onto (from wool felt mostly).  They are slightly posable and stand well on most surfaces.  These are two I have made recently,  Joanne and Peter.  Of course they can easily be called other names and be other characters, and they often are in the traditional tales I tell.  But I have found the stories I write myself tend to take on the characters of some of the storydolls I have sewn.  I can easily see how commercialised toys could limit the play or storylines a child spins for themselves, being so heavily invested in a set character, and find it interesting I have the same tendancies with my own handmade supposedly open ended dolls!  I need to make a conscious effort to shake myself up a little and let Peter be the little boy or the wise old farmer, or the proud father, and Joanne to be the big sister, the crafty aunty, or the strong harvester … 🙂 Not always an easy thing to do!

Snail trails

September 9, 2009


A lovely surprise found its way to our mailbox today.  A Syrendell snail from Rick Tan in return for some poetic muse.  I think I was a double winner, having been inspired to write a poem, and receiving a gift for participating! 


It is right at home in our garden, and the boys have already taken it to search out four leaved clovers, and smell the pansies, before it returned indoors to take pride of place on our spring nature table.  You will discover many inspirations if you take the time to visit with Rick and his lovely family at their blogs.  Thankyou Syrendell!