Alphabet pictures

October 4, 2009


My eldest son has finished all his big and little letters as we have only one more term until the end of the first grade school year.  We made some mini pictures of his letter work from his main lesson book to cut up into a wall frieze.  It makes a neat summary for us of his letter stories through the illustrations, and is an easy acess visual reminder of those words and sounds, not just hidden away in a lovely and cherished, but cumbersome MLB. 



I have taken close up photos of the letters/pictures if anyone is interested, but I didn’t want to overload the post with photos, and I’m sure you all have your own stories and letters that captured your imaginations.


Wet-on-wet wonders

July 27, 2009

I love to watch the shapes emerge when painting wet-on-wet, starting out just playing with the colours and seeing what comes into form.  Sometimes we use a story to guide our painting, today we were just playfully using up the last of some mixed up paint from the back of our fridge. 


One child found a pine forest and the moon


another found a  giant peach with a pip inside


I found a snowy tree in front of a starry sky


What can you find?


August 6, 2008

Golden balls of light burst forth

radiant against Winter’s pale skies.

Flicker Sundancer come dance with the pollen,

strike your warmth and call the bees

to feast on August’s fragrant bounty.