Spring Fair Craft Projects

September 6, 2011

Time to share some past crafts that I have made for our Spring School Fair. A reminder for myself really, as I like to look back and remember the treasures that have been lovingly made and sent forth to bring joy to others.


felted cherries


Fleece gnomes and their knitted homes



mini shape candles and felt pouches

Ladybird pegs and pine cone people


Cuddly Dolls

I will post some more once I have uploaded some more photos

3 Responses to “Spring Fair Craft Projects”

  1. how incredible- I especially love the knitted homes! Do you sell them online? let me know!
    and thank you for your hrlpful comment on my blog! xoxoox

    • myartemismoon Says:

      Thanks Rebecca! I don’t sell them online, I just make them for our local steiner school to sell at their spring fair. It raises money for the school and gives our group of crafty mums a chance to learn new skills from eachother and have a bit of fun!

  2. Sarah Says:

    Those little knitted homes are so cute. We made little houses from bark this year. So fun. Thanks for your sweet, supportive comments on my blog. They mean a lot.

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