Spring cleaning

November 13, 2009

I think our spring cleaning and mending day that we traditionally follow


with needs to be a whole week this year. Clutter has crept up on us in a big way, but it is feeling good to pare it back and polish and mend.


My eldest has kept us entertained with a story of little man red cap, little man blue cap and little man gold cap who love eating crumbly currant buns, but have trouble keeping their house clean.  One sweeps too fast and strong everywhere but just ends up spreading the crumbs, one sweeps half heartedly pushing around the broom so upset that there is a mess but not making any better inroads into cleaning it up, and one that flits a little here and there trying to sweep up little bits they see, but tracking it back and spilling crumbs as they get distracted by the next patch to clean.  Finally their friend little man green cap comes to tea, but their house is still a mess, so they can’t offer him anywhere to sit that isn’t all crummy.  He helps them clean by showing them to sweep with care each part of their house until they are all finished.  Red cap lifts the furniture out of the way, blue cap points out all the crumbs that might get otherwise missed, golden cap runs back and forth emptying the dust pan for the birds outside, and green cap gets the job done with their help so he can happily sit down to tea. 

Crumbs, crumbs everywhere

Under the table and under the chair

Sweep them all up, sweep them all up

Crumbs in a pile make us smile.


We have so far fixed a hole in the kitchen ceiling, sewn back into good repair hand-me-down summer clothes, swept up alot  😉 and polished wooden surfaces and toys with lavender scented beeswax, but we still have a long way to go…  

May our light within continue to shine forth and work for good!


4 Responses to “Spring cleaning”

  1. patience Says:

    How wonder-ful! 🙂

  2. sarah Says:

    I love the sweet story. Happy cleaning!

  3. Terrific story! This always feels like the right time of year to do some serious cleaning!

  4. JaneWild Says:

    I love the story…how sweet!
    I am in the mood to clean now! 🙂

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