Snail trails

September 9, 2009


A lovely surprise found its way to our mailbox today.  A Syrendell snail from Rick Tan in return for some poetic muse.  I think I was a double winner, having been inspired to write a poem, and receiving a gift for participating! 


It is right at home in our garden, and the boys have already taken it to search out four leaved clovers, and smell the pansies, before it returned indoors to take pride of place on our spring nature table.  You will discover many inspirations if you take the time to visit with Rick and his lovely family at their blogs.  Thankyou Syrendell!


3 Responses to “Snail trails”

  1. how lovely! and thank you for the fabulous links.

  2. The snail looks right at home! Thank you for blogging about it, and congratulations!! 🙂 –Jennifer

  3. myartemismoon Says:

    Thankyou Sarah, I think I’ve finally figured out how to link them properly first time around rather than spending an age getting it to work 🙂
    Jennifer – he really is right at home, in fact he joined us for storytime – you might just be able to glimpse his face in the next post! thanks again.

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