Snowflake garland

July 14, 2009


We have had a lovely time in a cabin in the snowy mountains for our winter holidays, and tried our hand at many crafts in between the igloo making, tobogganing, snowman making, snow train and train track making, coloured ice ball making, skiing and snowballing,  …. and one of the favourite indoor crafts was snowflake cutting.   We have ended up with so many paper snowflakes, we selected the best ones and strung them up as garlands by threading ribbon through the holes. 


our winter gnome was kept busy each night collecting up the stray paper scraps that eluded tired and busy fingers and left neat little paper trails to the fireplace to be discovered in the morning.  Our eldest declared that if you carefully collected the paper trail and threw it in the fire with one go, you could make a wish.  I think he wished for a weeks worth of snow, and he couldn’t have been happier with the result.


6 Responses to “Snowflake garland”

  1. so beautiful … the paper snowflakes, the little winter gnomes, the old sweet dreams you are making for the adults your children will become.

  2. Linda Says:

    I love your gnome, he is so beautiful…

  3. myartemismoon Says:

    Thankyou Linda, I adapted him from a few different free patterns floating around the internet. I love your gnomes too!

    Sarah, thankyou for the heartwarming smile! I love the dreams you have woven for Rose over the years too. Your birthday stories are deeply inspiring (for mothers and children), and I always love to go back and browse the beautiful memories you have shared at moonspun.

  4. Jennifer D Says:

    Lovely snowflakes and gnome! It makes me feel cozy (in the heat of our summer) and long for the chill in the air, the warm tea and the sound of the crackling fire. Enjoy your winter wonderland.

  5. Gypsy Says:

    Oh how lovely … I have been looking for some winter inspiration!!!

  6. Nicole Says:

    sweet idea to make a wish upon the paper : )

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