Saints and Dragons

April 23, 2009

I posted our St George story last year, so this year I thought I would share some autumn dragons which have appeared around the house. 


 Our dragon bread always seems to get eaten before anyone has taken a photo!  He must be a very ellusive creature.  This year we used the point of scissors to snip scales in the dough after I had shaped it, (the boys really enjoyed this) and painted him with tomato paste and pesto for green and red highlights before baking.  Delicious!  No wonder he was eaten quickly. 

Instead of dying some capes of courage, we took the opportunity to over dye some of our old faded clothes with golden yellow, and the results were lovely.  Instead of faded navy and washed out reds and yellows we have a two toned green and bright oranges,  and golden yellows again.  Perfect for our autumn colours just starting to turn here. 

Have fun overcoming your dragons this St George’s Day


2 Responses to “Saints and Dragons”

  1. Jennifer D Says:

    I have never seen your blog, but boy have I been missing out! You are amazingly creative 🙂 I am going to have fun savoring and digesting your posts. I love your dragons and your St. George shown above. What are they made out of? St. George looks to be of glass? And what a neat idea to make dragon bread – I think I’m going to be learning a lot from you! Blessings and happy weekend 🙂

  2. myartemismoon Says:

    Thankyou Jennifer, and welcome. The purple dragon is made from cotton sewn on the machine and filled with wool fleece in his head and sand in his body. The pastel dragon is from felt stuffed with wool fleece and some pipecleaners for shaping.
    St George is a treasured pottery favourite which came out from England with my mother when she moved here, and yes it has a glass glazing – well spotted!

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