February 3, 2009

Usually at this time of year the winds start blowing some wisps of cooler air through the evenings, and the worst of the summer heat has been quenched by thunderstorms and a few welcome overcast days.  NOT THIS YEAR!  Usually we spend candlemas melting down our old stubs from christmas  (and the rest of the year) making sand candles, dipping candles, or even rolling fresh beeswax ones.  This year it was just too hot still, so all we could do was sort out our stubs into colours, and put fresh candles from our supplies in the holders and candlesticks, … and we wait for the cooler weather …


Above is one of last year’s sand candles on our nature table this year.  The boys love to set shells in the sand before pouring in the wax to create little sandcastle looking candles.  We like to say this little blessing as we make them.  

Bless this little candle light

May it shine so true and bright

May it catch the warmth of sun

and shed it’s glow when darkness comes. 


Our storytime candle  (verse below)

Fire faeries come to earth,

and the fire faeries come,

bringing golden light from the sun…

We snuff our candle at the end of the story so we don’t “blow away” the mood the story has set

Goodbye fire faeries,

time to say goodbye, 



5 Responses to “Candlemas”

  1. sarah Says:

    I’m interested that you celebrate Candlemas despite the seasonal difference. I actually think its a good holiday to celebrate at this time of the year. You do it beautifully 🙂

  2. myartemismoon Says:

    Dear Sarah, Thankyou. I guess Candlemas makes sense to me at the beginning of the year, making and blessing the candles for the year (and coming Autumn and Winter), and harnessing the idea of the sun’s wamth and light to carry us into the darker times of year, it’s just not usually still this meltingly hot!!! Maybe this weekend will bring the cool change needed… It’s true it is a far cry from memories of my English Grandma bundling herself up and lugging her best white candles through the frosty fields to church to be blessed, and then only burning those special ones on Sundays!:-)

  3. Lisa Says:

    I think your candle blessing poem is lovely and I just copied it into a notebook I found laying next to the computer (my son can complain later about me writing in his notebook).
    We have been having quite a few nights below freezing here, which is not supposed to happen this far South. My Daughter goes to school in Minnesota, where it is truly cold (at this moment it is -26 C.), so I wish we could send you a nice cooling breeze.

  4. Jennifer Tan Says:

    This is a wonderful blog! Thank you for sharing Candlemas with everyone.

  5. dottyspots Says:

    Your candle snuffer is wonderful, I’ve never seen one like that before!

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