School starts… and some are left behind

February 1, 2009


Once upon a time there was a little mermaid who lived with her brothers and sisters on the edge of the sea.  Today all her brothers and sisters had gone off to follow the schools of fish in the sea and learn about the great wide ocean.  But little mermaid was too little to swim with the schools of fish and was left at home, bored and lonely. “ I wish there was someone to play with me, someone to keep me company”. She sighed.


 Just then a Dolphin swam past.  “Oh Dolphin, dolphin will you play with me, will you keep me company?” “ I’m sorry little mermaid” said the dolphin “I’m off to search for shoals of fish, and to keep an eye on your brothers and sisters.” and with a graceful flip of his tail he was off out to the wide ocean.  Little mermaid sighed again “ I wish there was someone to play with me, someone to keep me company”. 


As she sat at the waters edge a great turtle heaved itself out of the water beside her.  “Oh mother turtle have you come to play with me?” asked little mermaid excitedly.  “No, I’m sorry little mermaid I have lots of work to do. I’m off to dig a deep hole in the hot sand to lay my eggs, then swim off back to the deep cool ocean.”  “I see” said little mermaid and she  swam off a little way down the beach looking for someone else who had the time to play with her. 


Along the beach she saw a jellyfish floating with the tides.  “Jellyfish will you play with me, will you keep me company”said little mermaid.   “blob blob, blob blob” was all the jellyfish would say  “Blobblob blobv blob”.  Little mermaid began to cry a little “ I wish there was someone to play with me, someone to keep me company”


All of a sudden she heard a giggle, and then voices.  “Who is there?” called little mermaid.   “We are !” replied the voices and out of the edge of the waves came many sea sprites and water babies.  “We will play with you!”   They said.  Little mermaid was overjoyed and spent all morning playing with her new friends.     They showed her how to tickle anemones, make seaweed necklaces and float on the tide, and that afternoon when her brothers and sisters returned she had lots to tell them about her new friends and what she had been up to while they had been at school. 


Little mermaid by the sea

bored and lonely as can be

Don’t be sad now little dear

Lots of new friends are just here!


Little mermaid by the sea

Won’t you come and play with me

Splash the waves and build sand high

Watch the seagulls winging by.


Little mermaid by the sea

Now as happy as can be

The sun sets at the end of day

Thankyou for our day of play.




3 Responses to “School starts… and some are left behind”

  1. Carle Says:

    Wow! Did you write this? IT is sooo sweet!

  2. myartemismoon Says:

    Thanks Carle, I wrote this for our playgroup storytime last year, when many siblings were leaving/left our group for school, and those “left behind” were missing their big brothers, sisters, or friends. We have just revisited it again, and it was like a welcome hug for those little ones who had heard it before or needed it this time around, (and well received by mums too with a few little tears for passing time!)

  3. Carle Says:

    I was so pleased to read it as I am planning my maths for the year and we are doing seaside gnomes with King Kelp [instead of King equals] and we count pearls for the mermaids. Sweet heh!
    So nice to feel the energy of the theme that you sharing.


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