Golden wheat

January 24, 2009

Something we have done for a few years now is to set aside a 1m square plot somewhere in the garden in spring, and sow some wheat.  The golden heads drying out in the summer heat really evokes seasonal change in a good way (as opposed to the rest of the garden wilting and struggling).  


We have harvested the grain heads now (we have a little hand sythe, but scissors work best for the kids)  and it sits waiting next to some baskets, sushi mats and small rolling pins to husk or thresh and winnow the grain.  We also have two small hand coffee grinders which we use to grind the grain, and some jars to hold the outcomes from all the different processes.     Once enough flour is produced, we make some pancakes or bake bread, and continue grinding with renewed enthusiasm.  The children (and their friends) love to have a go at separating or grinding the wheat, and having it set up in a corner of the kitchen means they are free to give it a try any time they feel inclined, and it always amazes me just how much a 1m plot can yield. 

Above is last year’s plot next to the cubby house (this year it was at the back of the garage, not so picturesque).   The straw (stalks) have been saved (earmarked for Christmas ornaments later this year) and a handful of grain carefully put away for next year’s plot.  We also tried oats this year, but we are not sure how we are going to roll them yet.


6 Responses to “Golden wheat”

  1. knittingthewind Says:

    Oh how lovely! I was going to say “beautiful” but no, it has such an earthly, glowing, childhood look to it that is softer and more touchable than beauty, kwim? Your children are SO lucky.

  2. Carle Says:

    Oh you are inspiring me, very year I think of doing this.

    Showed my hubby your post – now he wants to buy a tractor, sigh, boys and their toys. LOL

  3. myartemismoon Says:

    Thankyou both for your lovely comments,

    Carle- My hubby wants to buy a farm (and I’m sure that includes a tractor)! LOL Boys and their dreams!!

  4. Lisa Says:

    I really like that picture!
    I’ve never tried growing wheat, but I bought some a few months ago when our local grocery store was selling it as decorative bundles (not as food) and made a wreath out of it.

  5. Linda Says:

    Simply beautiful….

  6. Lisa Says:

    We will have to try this! Thanks for sharing! Your blog is beautiful!

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