Three Kings Day

January 6, 2009

For us the Three Kings Day  brings the end of Christmas.  We leave our tree and decorations up for the twelve days of Christmas, and on Twelfth Night the three kings finally make it into the stable of our nativity set.  Over in Wales my uncle will probably be out wassailing apple trees, but the closest we come to that is eating apple pie or apple cake for desert, or frozen apple juice iceblocks if the weather is as meltingly hot as it was this year! 


On the morning of Epiphany we bake three kings bread ( basically a white flour fruit bread twisted into two rings and placed on top of eachother to make a crown shape, drizzled with lemon icing and a few cachous) and enjoy it for morning tea as we pack away our decorations, take out the tree and settle into the long hot lazy summer ahead.


3 Responses to “Three Kings Day”

  1. patience Says:

    Wonderful 🙂 The bread looks … well, divine!

  2. dottyspots Says:

    A belated Happy New Year! We don’t celebrate Three Kings/Ephiphany here, although I remember well having children knock on our door singing (for sweets or money) whilst I lived in Belguim – dressed up as the three kings of course :0)

    The fruit bread looks lovely.

    I long for heat, I know it’s not Arctic temperatures here, but it’s far too cold for me. My mother may be Norwegian, but she really doesn’t like the cold either, both of us much prefer a bit of warmth. Long hot lazy summer ahead sounds good to me (I’m sneezing as I type this, lol).

  3. The bread looks wonderful!

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