Saint Nicholas stopped here

December 6, 2008

I haven’t seen such fervent brushing cleaning and polishing of shoes in a long time.  But obviously the boys thought the results were worth it, this morning we had two excitedly smiling boys, and delicious summer fruits for breakfast (and a few chocolate coins).  Thankyou St Nick.


All the polishing enthusiasm spilled over into the playroom, and now a lingering smell of beeswax and lavender wafts through the air mingled with scents of mango and cinnamon coming from the kitchen… ahh the smells of Christmas.


2 Responses to “Saint Nicholas stopped here”

  1. sarah Says:

    Love those little shoes. The shoes in front of our fireplace were decidedly bigger!

  2. myartemismoon Says:

    My eldest took one look at his little shoes and thought Daddy should leave out his big gardening boots to see if St Nick would fill them!!! I love these precious moments of childhood.

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