October 31, 2008

I am still not sure how this fits in the southern hemisphere, we are in the midst of spring and new life flourishing, and it is a good time to consider new life from death, seeds reawakening, and the closeness and bustle from the spirit world.  It is hard to shut out the commercialisation of this festival, even here in Australia where it is not really celebrated, just marketed.  It is nice to celebrate the stored harvest, pumpkins or turnips put away in autumn, brought out to carve and eat as we wait patiently (or impatiently) for the fruits of late spring and summer still swelling from blossoms.  It is still dark enough for little ones to light a lantern before going to bed, and ponder other realms, infact there is an evenness to the light and dark (close to solstice) that balances the dark and brings a new day to awaken in the morning and look for saints and angels hiding in the clouds. 

Two of my favourite halloween stories are the traditional one found here…


…and one I have made up for our playgroup unique to a springtime halloween

Pumpkin Bumpkin


Once upon a time there was a little gnome called Pumpkin Bumpkin.  He lived in the bottom of the vegie patch and looked after many of the little creatures who called that corner of the garden home.  He carefully hid the snails under the big leaves of his pumpkin vine so they were safe from the magpies and didn’t eat the lettuces, and he gave the Bluetongue lizard the overripe fruit which was only a little spoiled to keep him from raiding the strawberries. 

Pumpkin Bumpkin’s favourite job was polishing the huge pumpkins that grew in the Autumn on his lovely rambling vine, but there was plenty of jobs to keep him busy all year round.  At the moment he was busy picking and podding the springtime peas, and snipping the flowering seed heads off the parsley, but today the whole garden was abuzz with more than the usual spring bustle…

When Blue wren flew past Pumpkin Bumpkin stopped him to ask what he knew.  “Its Halloween, all hallows eve” said the little wren.  “The world of the humans and the spirits grows close, and sometimes people can see the little people like gnomes and goblins.  Some people put out biscuits to thank the helpful gnomes and faeries, or to stop the goblins getting up to extra tricks. Some folks light lanterns to see the little folk, and others carve pumpkins and turnips into lanterns to ward off witches.” 

“This I must see” said Pumpkin Bumpkin, and he carefully took his lantern and set out across the garden towards the big house.  When he got there it was growing dark, and Pumpkin Bumpkin was getting hungry.  Then he spied a large plate of spiced biscuits on the back step. He clambered up and broke off a chunk of the nearest biscuit, sitting down for a good nibble when he suddenly saw a little boys face pressed against the glass, giving him a wink!!  Pumpkin Bumpkin was about to turn and run, when he saw the most amazing sight, a large glowing pumpkin face all orange in the twilight.  He stored it in his memory, waved to the boy, and lifting his lantern high hurried back to the safety of his garden home, to tell his friends of the marvels of Halloween


It’s Halloween all hallows eve so raise your lanterns high

You may see a pixie or a goblin going by

It’s Halloween all hallows eve so raise your lantern high

Tomorrow saints and angels may bless you from on high

May the blessings of all the saints be with you tomorrow, and always.


4 Responses to “Halloween”

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  2. sarah Says:

    What a great story! And I love the pictures also.

    Many blessings to you.

  3. Linda Says:

    I love your blog, definately have to add it to my blog roll!



  4. Carrie Says:

    Excellent story!

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