Spring is coming…

August 27, 2008

I met a little daffodil, out blooming in the cold

I’ll share with you a secret that this little flower told

‘Winter still is here, but it won’t be long to stay

I came ahead to tell you that Spring is on the way.’



Once there was a little yellow Daffodil, and she lived down in a little dark house under the ground all winter long.  One day she was sitting there and she heard tippity tappity pitter patter tippity tappity pitter patter.  “Who is there?” she called.  “It’s the rain, come out and play”said the voice.  “No thankyou” said the little Daffodil “it is much too cold still.” and she settled back to rest in her cosy house.


 A little while later she heard hum hum hum  hum hum hum, “Who is there now?” called little daffodil.  “It is me, the sun,” called a warm friendly voice  “come out and play”.  “No thankyou” said the little Daffodil “it is much too cold still.”  And she stayed snug and warm in her house in the ground. 


Some more time passed and little daffodil heard more noises outside her home tippity tappity pitter patter tippity tappity pitter patter “Who is there?” called the Daffodil.  “It’s us, the rain and sun” came the reply “Please come out and join us in the garden.”  “Well I don’t know….” Said Daffodil “it might still be too cold”.


Daffodil stretched out first one green arm, and then the other feeling the air above the ground.  The sun and rain pulled her hands and up popped daffodil to sit in the warming sunshine in the garden bed.  She could see magpies sitting on the fence and lots of green glossy leaves returning after their winter sleep and even snails sliding out from their hiding spots.  She was pleased to be out early in the fresh garden to play with the rain and the sun. 


–   adapted from a traditional english folk story.



3 Responses to “Spring is coming…”

  1. patience Says:

    That’s adorable 🙂

  2. Ashima Says:

    it shows that flowers also have feeling as we have.
    Flowers can feel the winters,spring season too.
    They also have friends like us.
    God is so great that he has put feelings in every living being whether its human beings,animals or plants.

  3. Julie Says:

    A beautiful story. I will retell this to my daughter and she will delight in it.

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