Cat and Mouse

August 12, 2008

We are having some very cold snaps at the moment as the last of winter really makes itself felt.  The favourite game on these frosty mornings appears to be cat and mouse.  The “cats” find themselves a patch of sunlight to curl up in and proceed to stretch and preen nonchalantly whilst the “mice” build the cosiest nest they can from sheepskins, cloths, blankets, cushions and chairs. When the nest is finished, the mice go foraging past the cats for apples, pinecones, or anything else deemed necessary.  The cats may ignore, swat at, pounce on or chase the mice, bringing any dropped mouse treasure back to the patch of sun to play with until the mice sneak back to retrieve it. 

It has been really lovely to watch this game develop between the kids, and see how they keep subtly tweaking the rules, set up etc. into it’s present (but still evolving) form.  It has also renewed interest in our little knitted cats and felt mice, made the children more keen to try different mousy foods they wouldn’t normally want to, make little mouse houses, sing lots of mouse and cat songs,  and make up mouse and cat “languages” like two squeaks for hello, a cheeky miaow for a question etc.  I love the inventiveness and inspiration that comes from kids having fun playing with their own ideas, with no more adult input than an occasional asked for help with a high blanket, tying a knot or cutting up cheese.  It doesn’t always work like this, but when it does, its pure magic and I feel so blessed in the moment.


5 Responses to “Cat and Mouse”

  1. Julie Says:

    These are beautiful toys. I love watching my girls play with their felt animals, the pony is a real favourite.

  2. Anne Says:

    This mouse pattern was the first felted animal I made.
    It’s a great pattern for using up scraps of felt from bigger felt animals.

  3. myartemismoon Says:

    The mouse pattern is so simple and effective isn’t it! Would you believe these were made with scraps from a rainbow dragon, I just used the bluish purple scraps of hand dyed felt, and they have been played with over and over again. Many of our other “scrap mice” find their way into presents for friends and they are always well received. Thankyou both for your comments.

  4. Carle Says:

    As always, your blog is great to visit. I adore your handwork


  5. sarah Says:

    I love it when this kind of play happens. Unfortunately it isn’t that often anymore. I’m going to have to figure out a way to display all *my* favorite little felt animals since my girls are growing out of them.

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