August 6, 2008

Golden balls of light burst forth

radiant against Winter’s pale skies.

Flicker Sundancer come dance with the pollen,

strike your warmth and call the bees

to feast on August’s fragrant bounty.


7 Responses to “Wattle”

  1. Julie Says:

    These are beautiful paintings. Wattle is one of my favourite plants. We also enjoy wet on wet painting. You have a lovely blog and it is also a great resource.

  2. myartemismoon Says:

    Thankyou for your lovely comment. I am really enjoying your blog too!

  3. Julie Says:

    Thankyou for including me on your blog roll, I have also included you on my lovely list. I look forward to visiting again.

  4. Anne Says:

    I love Wattle trees they brighten up the mountains but I can’t get too close they make me sneeze…:)

    Thanks for adding me to your blog roll.
    I hope you don’t mind me adding you to mine.

  5. Carle Says:

    Lovely, so lovely

    Thanks for the great blog [as always 🙂 ]


  6. myartemismoon Says:

    Thanks Anne, I am honoured!

  7. myartemismoon Says:

    Thankyou Carle, making me smile as always!

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