Gumnut babies

July 28, 2008

In honour of Australia’s National Tree Day (July 27th this year), may I present Ragged Blossom and Snugglepot, two knitted finger/hand puppets with knitted gumnut hats.  Plant, nurture or celebrate a tree today!

8 ply wool, 

    brown –hat and base,

    pink- face,

    gumleaf green – body,

    blossom colour for fringe of hair (optional)

4mm ( no. 8 ) knitting needles

small amount wool for stuffing head


Abbreviations :

         K = knit

         P = pearl

         Tog = together

         St st = stocking stitch  (K row, P row, K row, P row etc.)

         G = garter stitch  (knit all rows)



Cast on 26 stitches in brown

G – 6 rows

Change to body colour (green)

St st – 18 rows

Change to face colour (pink)

Neck row  K6, K2tog, K10, K2tog, K6

K9 rows st st starting with P

35th row – K2, K2tog, repeat until end of row

36th row – P

37th row – K1, K2 tog, repeat until end of row

38th row – P

39th row – K2 tog , repeat until end

Cut yarn, leave sufficient length to sew backseam of head, lace yarn through remaining stitches and pull tight, knot.  Fold with good side in. Sew up backseam of head with pink wool.  Sew up back of body with matching wool. Turn right way round.   Stuff head with unspun wool, sew around neckline with matching pink wool draw in to desired width, knot and draw ends in. 



Cast on 28 stitches

St St – 8 rows

9th row – K2, K2 tog repeat to end of row

10th row – P

11th row – K1, K2 tog, repeat to end of row

12th row – P

13th row – K2 tog, repeat to end of row

14th row – P

15th row – K

16th row – P

17th row – cast off,

turn right sides in, sew up, turn right sides out.


Strands of blossom “hair” can be knotted or crocheted onto row 3 in the hat if desired. 


The hat can be sewn to the body to secure


This pattern will work well for many different characters by changing the colours used, sewing on hair, adding a different hat etc. 


For a smaller version try casting on less stitches, or using thinner wool /or smaller needles  


* For a more sturdy standing doll instead of puppet, stuff the bottom and sew on a circle of felt or crocheted circle to enclose the bottom






3 Responses to “Gumnut babies”

  1. patience Says:

    These are so darling. I wish I was clever enough to make this kind of thing. I can knit a square (if you don’t mind it being a little wobbly at the edges) but that’s about all. Well done, you!

  2. Katie Cadamn Says:

    SOUTHERN HEMISPHERE SEASONAL EXCHANGE – Ready for a ‘Summertime’ crafting challenge!
    Southern Hemisphere Seasonal Exchange is inspired by the small nature table I have tried to start for my young children to mark the changing of the seasons. However, I have found most material and craft project sourced for inspiration is often based on seasons in the northern hemisphere which is not always relevant to us, as seasonal changes where I live in the Southern Hemisphere can be subtle and quite different from what is happening in the northern hemisphere.

    Like my children, I am also learning about the unique seasonal differences in Australia, I am new to crafting and new to keeping a nature table. I would love some inspiration and I am sure other people would as well.

    Wouldn’t it be wonderful to have Seasonal Craft exchange reflective of the seasons of the Southern Hemisphere. I am sure there are many of you like me, who are ready for a crafting challenge, a chance to create your own symbolic item reflective of the current season and a chance to inspire a stranger through your chosen craft.

    So here goes, to get the ball rolling and to keep it simple I thought we would start with a ‘Summertime‘ themed craft swap. As it is a busy time of year, to participate you need to include a minimum of one handmade item that you can swap with your allocated partner.

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    No prior crafting/ art skills required.

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    No returns!

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    Optional: You may want to include in your package a little blurb about your items and/or yourself.

    In addition, it would be wonderful if you were able to document the process of making and the final product. These images can be posted on the Flickr group Southern Hemisphere Seasonal Exchange

    Sign ups will take place here until 18th of November.

    The first 100 people to sign up are in!

    Please email at

    In your email please send your
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    Sign ups are open now!

    As I mentioned previously I am a mother of two very young children, new to crafting and have never undertaken co-coordinating something like this before, so your patience and understanding is really appreciated in this first attempt. I am excited to see if anyone else is interested in participating and will give it my best shot to get it up and running.

    If it is a success we might try it again when autumn comes around.

    Thanks for Seasons Round Exchange and New Zealand Handmade Christmas Ornament Swap for inspiring the idea of the craft swap.

    Want some inspiration check out some of the swaps on flickr. Here are some to start with
    Seasons Round Exchange
    The SavVy { Seasons } – a modern Swap
    Soft trees swap
    Rhythm of the Home

    Also another wonderful webpage is Seasons South and North

  3. myartemismoon Says:

    Wow what a fabulous idea, I have returned from the north just in time it seems!!!!
    Thanks for all those links to get the ball rolling… I’m in!

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