There’s nothing quite like…

July 23, 2008

Messing about in SNOW!!!!  We have just had a wonderful week staying in a little Norwegian log cabin in the “Australian Alps” (Snowy Mountains), surrounded by snow.  I was a little worried how the kids would be if the weather was too cold and we had to spend alot of time indoors.  I needn’t have worried.   They adored being outside in any weather.  They built igloos, dug ice caves, sledded on plastic trays, tried their hand at cross country skiiing, snowballs, collecting the longest icicles, making snow train tracks, following the bunny, fox and wombat tracks as far as they could, catching the drips of slightly eucalyptus flavoured water on their tongues as the ice melted from the snowgum leaves, spotting bright red rosellas against the white snow, digging out paths, verandahs and doors to our little lodge, and trying to spot a Tomten or Nisse. They were so busy they even forgot to make a snow man!  Maybe next year….


One Response to “There’s nothing quite like…”

  1. sarah Says:

    What fun. It is fun to think of you in the snow while we are in summer.

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