A little winter knitting

July 4, 2008

These gnomes were very quick and simple, basically a knitted rectangle with pants colour, shirt colour and face colour, sewn into a tube, bottom sewn across with the tube seam at the middle back, stuffed with fleece, gathered in at the neck and top of the head, and defining the legs with backstich or a tacking stitch up to the crotch area.  Arms are again small rectangles of shirt colour and hand colour, sewn into a tube, stuffed and attached, and a hat knitted as a triangle and sewn into a cone shape.  We are knitting them to sell at our spring fair later in the year, but a few have been claimed already for presents and one was turned into a farmer with hair sewn on instead of a cap, and put to tending our growing menagerie of knitted farm animals.


2 Responses to “A little winter knitting”

  1. patience Says:

    So adorable!! I wish I could make things like that.

  2. suse Says:

    I’ve made similar gnomes to that (the knitted ones) and they sell well!

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