Thoughts from St John’s Tide

June 27, 2008

I have not really celebrated St John’s tide (June 24th, celebrating the life of John the baptist) here in Australia.  As a youngster in England for me it was always caught up in midsummer bonfires and festivals, and I linked it to the “fire” of baptism and the Spirit in my mind, and not much else.  Looking at a thoughtful post over at I realised anew a reason for revisiting this celebration, if just for the meditation of what it may bring to heart.   To ask that our souls may joyfully recognise what lives in the hearts of others, like John, leaping for joy in his mothers womb when he recognises the existence and divinity of Jesus within Mary.  It also speaks to me of the amazing insights we have from children, even before birth!  A humbling and joyful meditation, far removed from summer fires.


4 Responses to “Thoughts from St John’s Tide”

  1. haven Says:

    That is an interesting site to which you linked. Because Rose’s birthday is on the 24th, I’ve done a lot of meditating on the date. St John’s story echoes that of the Holly King, lord of winter, who had to make way for the Oak King, lord of summer – the Sun God. I love how there are such ancient, shapeshifting stories to capture nature’s seasonal soul. But since it’s midwinter here on June 24th, we are celebrating the birth of the God in my religion, which is Yuletide. Considering its also the birth of Rose, our family takes the opportunity to celebrate new life, the emergence of light from darkness (the child emerging from the womb … hope even as winter storms about us because the sun is turning around to come closer once again). It is our new year and Rose’s personal new year. And even though the seasons are reversed, we still use some of the old meanings of Midsummer in our Yule celebrations – meanings found in the story of St John, midwife of the religious movement Jesus gave life to … fire for warmth and protection and provision … etc etc. There is such a wealth of spiritual and earthy wisdom in these old, interlaced stories.

  2. Gypsy Says:

    Gosh that picture is beautiful in your post – I love it. St JOhn’s Tide is a lovely festival – at our school the older kids do a lantern festival but sadly it hailed this year! I had never heard of it before.

  3. myartemismoon Says:

    Dear Haven, thankyou for such a detailed and thought provoking reply, I too love the layers of meaning from ancient wisdom to modern religions that come to surround certain seasons or dates in the year. Thankyou for another insight to add to the calendar of my soul.

  4. myartemismoon Says:

    Dear Gypsy, I’m ticked that you like my picture, it is a pencil drawing I did for my youngest son when he was born.

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