Mid-winter candles

June 14, 2008

My eldest son has come home from kindergarten with the most beautiful candle for midwinter, and I was amazed to find out it was an offcut!  They hand dipped candles in different coloured beeswax to create gorgeous tapered rainbow candles for their mid winter festival in class.  When we have dipped candles for candlemas at home, we end up shaving off the knobbly end at the bottom of the candle just enough for the candle to fit in a holder.  The kindergarten teacher cut straight across the bottom of each candle, leaving a lovely large tapered candle with a smooth flat bottom, then sliced the offcut  down through the middle, turned it back to back, inserted a second wick and they dipped it one last time in clear wax to hold it together.  They brought the offcuts (or little candles) home, and we were all amazed at the results and ingenuity. 


2 Responses to “Mid-winter candles”

  1. Gypsy Says:

    too beautiful! will definately give this one a go!

  2. sarah Says:

    I love those candles!

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