for Carle

June 11, 2008

Here is the pattern I promised for our winter gnome.  It is made out of wool felt and wool fleece.  To start, fold the felt in two and match up the line on the pattern where it is marked “fold” to the fold on your felt.  Cut out the shape (except the fold line), and cut out a circle for your base.  Stitch (using blanket stitch, or just plain oversewing) the top line of the hood together.  Leave the face area open and stitch the line down the front of the body from the gathering stitch line on the pattern to the bottom.  Open out the gnome by putting your finger inside like a finger puppet, then fit the base to the bottom and stitch in place. 

Gently tease out some wool fleece, roll it like a little sausage and insert into the body and hood.  Run a gathering stitch around the base of the hood where shown and pull in to desired shape. 

Variations: You can pull out some fleece for a beard, leave off the base felt and just have the hood and cloak surrounding the fleece (although not as sturdy for playing with)  Reinforce the base by inserting a circle of cardboard inside the gnome and or a marble or coin for weight to help it stand up firmly. Make seven gnomes in rainbow colours to accompany a snow white or rainbow story, Make different sizes by enlarging or decreasing the pattern (ours is approx. 7cm tall), Have fun!


One Response to “for Carle”

  1. Carle Says:

    OMW – Thank You sooo much! I almost fell of my chail when I saw my Name as the subject! LOL

    I think I will craft this over the weekend as it is a long weekend.


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