Horse Reins

June 8, 2008

I am ever so proud of my craft group for teaching me how to crochet these wonderful horse reins.  Until now me and crochet hooks have never got along.  A very patient soul answered all my dumb questions, and calmed my knotted and entangled fingers, and now my children gallop with delight all around the backyard, and even trot sedately through the hallway and playroom.  What a fantastic toy to learn to work together, judging your pace accordingly. 

For those who know the lingo, starting with two strands of wool together (I used red and yellow 8 ply on a size 6.0 hook)  apparently you chain a length twice as long as the distance you want from the neck to the end of the reins.  (my whole chain was the length of the kitchen table) Then you go back along the chain doing treble crochet starting with the third hole along to give some space (yarn over, through hole, yarn over, back through two stiches, yarn over, back through two more stiches.  repeat it all again for next hole.etc,)  I hope it makes sense so far!  If I was reading this without having been shown I would have run a mile!!. 

To get the bib part of the harness, fold your now treble chained crochet in half, work out how big the loop needs to be to get the child’s head through, then do a single chain between those points about 18cm long, then treble chain that again back and forwards about 6 times going into the sides of the original crochet chain at each end to secure it as you go.  Add some bells and jingle away!!

More basic reins can also be effective just by treble crocheting the original length, putting it behind the neck and under the arms. 


2 Responses to “Horse Reins”

  1. Carle Says:

    These are sooooooo cool, I can’t wait to make a pair!
    Thanks for writing the pattern out!

  2. sarah Says:

    I have to tell you that horse reins were my children’s ABSOLUTE favorite kindergarten toy!

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