Winter Nature Table

June 2, 2008


5 Responses to “Winter Nature Table”

  1. patience Says:

    So sweet and beautiful. Really, really charming.

  2. Gypsy Says:

    What a little sweety – I love the purple gnome. Its a beautiful table

  3. myartemismoon Says:

    Thankyou so much for your comments, they really make my day!

  4. Carle Says:

    Your nature table is so sweet,
    I adore the gnome…. please can you share the pattern, I have been busy with some big projects and would love to do a sweet little one for the nature table.
    I adore rosehips, I cut mine and put them in olive oil. The olive oil is used as a base for many great body products! I think next year I should keep some for my Nature table! You have inspired me..
    Good Night

  5. myartemismoon Says:

    Thankyou Carle, I will post a pattern for you as soon as I work out how to draw a pattern for posting, hmmmm a photo of a drawing? something done in a WORD doc? Leave it with me… I’ll get back to you.

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