Autumn wrapping up

May 29, 2008

As autumn draws to a close I am reflecting on all those projects crafts and activities we have enjoyed, and those we can relish for next year, or the next…

  autumn digit dolls (pipe cleaner dolls wrapped in wool with a bead head in autumn colours), gumnut bracelets, crayon leaf rubbings, clay leaves, pressing autumn leaves, autumn leaves dipped in wax,  autumn leaves preserved with glycerine solution, pinecone people (with acorn heads),  beeswax modelling,  decorating candles with wax leaf shapes and pressed leaves, corn dollies and husk flowers, wheat stalk plaiting, grinding wheat, drying herbs, making basil pesto, apple sauce, apple faces,  acorn oakies, knitted farm animals,  wool fleece washing and carding,  wet felting, weaving spiderwebs, drying rose petals, lantern making, dough bread baskets, catching mushroom spore prints…

I’m sure I’ve forgotten many others, but it is a good reminder and inspiration for me to list them here instead of on the corners of lost or forgotten scraps of paper and half finished shopping lists.



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