Acorns, acorns everywhere

April 3, 2008


Well they may not be native, but we have hundreds of them, courtesy of the favourite climbing tree at the end of the driveway.  The kids have found many uses for this Autumn’s bumper crop, including, but not limited to…


 Roadways for the cars to drive along…


Counting and sorting…


Fairy bouquets from the caps…


 Food for the farm animals (toy ones only, we don’t have space for the real thing)…


Wheels for trains with cap domes


Heads and hats for pine people…


Seats, hats, cups, bowls etc for the little people…

… and of course plenty scattered around the nature table, floor, windowsills, hiding in gumboots, rolling under the piano, you get the picture.  What are you doing with your seasonal abundances?


5 Responses to “Acorns, acorns everywhere”

  1. patience Says:

    So lovely! And many great ideas in there which I will suggest to my dd.

  2. Bex Says:

    Acorns are one of the kids favourite things. I’m so glad we will still be able to collect them when we get home…Xxx

  3. Carle Says:

    Ring surf has make some changes and they have somehow deleated you from The Southern Hemisphere ring. 😦 Please submit again – I love your blog!!!

  4. Carle Says:

    Hi I love your acorn crafting! [still – 🙂 ]

    Please remember to rejoin the Web ring! I miss seeing you there


  5. How wonderful!! Here in West Virginia,US, we have those long ones too. My kids glued them to the bottom of a peice of sawed log to make a grand dining table for the faries. Thank you, Jesse

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