How Green is your Autumn?

March 30, 2008


 We do have the usual signs of autumn peeking through the season, baskets of acorns from the tree at the end of the drive, russet and yellow orange leaves from the liquid ambers down the street, blushes of roses on the bushes everywhere, a sheaf of golden wheat from the end of summer harvest, and the hint of cool blowing in the wind, but everything else is sooo GREEN.  We have had a mild wet summer, and everything else is still growing with vigour.  Some of the wheat grains we sprouted at easter are bursting forth on the windowsill, the grass grows 5cm everytime you look away for a minute, and of course the native gums hakeas, grevillias etc are looking as healthy and evergreen as they always do.


 I wonder if our nature table should be more green than it is, but it is still full of the children’s finds of this season, so I guess it does reflect what is out there, hiding between the green. 


3 Responses to “How Green is your Autumn?”

  1. patience Says:

    What a beautiful nature table. It looks a lot like my dd’s does, actually – not so much green. Mind you, we are having a drought here.

  2. Carle Says:

    I love the rose quartz candle holder

  3. myartemismoon Says:

    Thankyou both for your lovely comments it is very encouraging for a new blog

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