My second mistake…

March 29, 2008


…continuing to play around with this blog. I may not come back to it in the morning, but I’m here for now. 

I run a small waldorf inspired home playgroup here in Australia, and am often frustrated by the lack of appropriate seasonal information in waldorf circles.  It is always the byline – “of course those in the southern hemisphere will/can/should find their own seasonally appropriate approach to festival X (insert festival name here /  christmas/halloween/michealmas/easter)”   Why should we all be reinventing the wheel because we live in the forgotten half of the world.  I know there must be many of us out there… half the world is a big place!!!

I have found solace in a handful of wonderful blogs and websites and thought to add another voice into the fray.

We have just celebrated easter in the beginning of Autumn, amidst beautiful autumn roses and just turning leaves as the first caresses of colder winds blow through the lingering humidity of a late summer.  Not a spring chick in sight!!


2 Responses to “My second mistake…”

  1. Bex Says:

    I’m here! Well almost!
    And I’ve made an executive decision, you & I are going to write a book about celebrating in the SH.
    You & me babe, let’s do it! Xxx
    P.S. I’m serious!

  2. myartemismoon Says:

    Well if I manage to keep blogging for a year, we could print out the pages and bind it! Thanks for the enthusiasm. I’d love to write a book, but just don’t know where to start!!

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