Earth Hour

March 29, 2008


A wonderful excuse for a lantern walk and candlelight.  We made our lanterns out of old jars with wire wound around the rim and up about 30cm in a loop so little hands can hold them without getting burnt fingers.  We glued tissue paper to the jars with a simple flour glue and used bluetack to hold the tealights in place at the bottom of the jar. 

We turned off all the lights and extraneous appliances on dusk, lit our lanterns and set off towards the reddening sunset singing songs and saying poems such as five little candles, glimmer lantern glimmer, and jack be nimble.  When the lanterns started casting good light and shadows of their own, we turned back for home.  One little fellow was impressed that all the leaves he inspected by candlelight looked the glowing colours of autumn, even if they were green in daylight.  “Either the fire faeries are playing tricks with my eyes, or they must help the autumn sprites send colourful dreams to the leaves.”  Who can argue with logic like that?

We returned to light the house with candles, bathe by candlelight and so to bed.


One Response to “Earth Hour”

  1. patience Says:

    You have some lovely ideas here and in your other posts. I’m going to enjoy visiting you regularly 🙂

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