Autumnal Easter

March 29, 2008

In the southern autumnal Easter we see the beginning of the easter story, in tune with the Autumn of Jesus’ life, we see the fruits of his life’s work being harvested and then the slow “death dying and sleep of natures Autumn” and hold in our hearts that it will come back and spring in our hearts once more. As Jesus conquers death and rises again. It heightens our awareness of the winter coming and and kindles great hope and looking forward to the spring rebirth on the other side of the coming darkness.  

Many of the spring symbols used in the Northern hemisphere seem strange and out of place, but some still resonate strongly. 

We regard our autumn easter eggs as a symbol of hope that after the winter and the coming darkness new life will come again. (also the sun/yolk is hidden/hiding in the darkness of the shell but will be released to shine again.)

I guess in a nutshell I feel the themes of death keenly in our Autumn season, and joy in rebirth is strongly tied to hope for the future. 


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